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Justin Bieber Arrested and Sentenced to Jail?

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010 at 6:14 am , filed under Gossips by

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The news about ‘Justin Bieber’s Arrest’ disseminated every where and many sources said the same. Yesterday, there was news that Justin Bieber has been sentenced to jail for harassing a fan. Today, it’s stated that the teenage singer is in imprisonment.

On Sep 23rd 2010, it was announced that Justin Bieber will appear on the TV show CSI. Bieber will play as bad boy, Justin Bieber, has posted a photo on his Twitter as he was arrested by the police man. But, it is promo for his appearance as a special guest on the season premiere of CSI.

Justin Bieber posted the photo from the set of CSI. In that image, Justin Bieber appeared with hJustin Bieber andcuffs and immediately all the media of the Internet social networking started responding that he was arrested. However, it’s lately came into light that it is just a rumor.

A short note for all the fans of Justin Bieber: He is doing well and do not rely on the news which has been spreading since a month. The rumors are just to degrade his fame. Keep an eye on Star Celebritys for latest celebrity news.

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